The OLYMPUS PATH based on years of experience in organization and implementation issues of sports, outdoor activities and based on a large network of partners undertake and organize such activities.

  • Organized sports activities
  • Management and implementation of outdoor activities
  • Organized trail running race (trail run)
  • Organised mountain bike race (mountain bike)
  • Organized city running races (city trails)
  • Camps (seminars) winter mountain, snowboard, rock climbing.
  • Consulting services for any kind of sporting activity.
  • Integrated design proposals and promotion of any kind of sporting activity.
  • Organization and implementation of corporate events
  • Children's programs

Event Management Portfolio


Faethon Olympus Marathon Faethon Olympus Marathon's vision for organizing a marathon trail running in Thessaly Olympus took shape in 2012.

In July 2012 he organized the first FAETHON OLYMPUS MARATHON "APOSTLE TSOUREKAS" in Kokkinoplos Elassonas: participated 90 athletes from all over Greece and over 400 people visited Kokkinoplos.

The excellent organization combined with the specificity of the route and the natural beauty of the Thessaly Olympus soon put him among the leading mountain marathons of our country.

The next year 2013 was voted by the public and athletes among the three best marathons to 50k a distinction now won every year until today.

In 2015 the race was attended by over 320 people and around 1000 visitors came to Kokkinoplos in two days of racing.

Wanting now to make it possible for less experienced runners to feel the magic of the legendary mountain we organized two more races shorter distance and difficulty


In RUPICAPRA: 20KM 1500+

With the addition of these two races the F.O.M. He stood at a race weekend that attracts thousands of athletes and spectators.

Plus the FAETHON OLYMPUS MARATHON thanks to the contribution of volunteers, the cooperation of local authorities and sponsors attracts athletes from around the world, highlighting the Thessalian Olympus as place sports tourism is undoubtedly the sporting event of the summer for the Thessalian Olympus.

Based on the responses of more and more athletes and the continued support of volunteers and donors will continue to support our vision and project the Thessalian Olympus through activities both need our place.